P52 – Week 1: Selfie

I am doing a photo challenge – one themed photo a week for this year.

I am really going to try to focus on how to use my camera, LightRoom/PhotoShop properly.

The first week was selfie. So not very exciting! Here is my selfie.

I get complimented most on my hair just because it’s long. The second physical thing I get complimented on is my eyes. Up until recently I never really liked my eye color. Brown is so boring and common. I don’t mind my brown hair though? I’ve always wanted blue or green eyes. And no way would I ever get colored contacts. I don’t need contacts in the first place so it seems dumb. Plus touching my eyeball, no thank you! I’ve noticed a change in my eyes…more hazel than absolute brown. It’s a good change for me!

Shelly Cunningham - Kari! I love this picture! Your eyes are stunning! I can’t wait to see your pictures each week!

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