Title: The Scattered Stars

Author: Kari

The Plot: A day in the life of… A star represents anything in my life, a book, my dog, a bike ride, it’s bits and pieces of me scattered among the words in this blog.

Main Characters:

ME – Kari – I am a 28 year old dweeb. A plain jane of sorts – brown eyes, brown hair nothing exceptionally spectacular. My one desire in life is to be a mom. I’m learning to cook, and become a military housewife, wishing the desire to clean would magically appear. I love color, my favorite is turquoise. I love Dr. Pepper and Coke. I have the sweetest tooth of them all. My favorite place is being piled under quilts on my bed.


Nick – My husband since 2005. We’re peas and carrots. I’m the pea, he’s the carrot. We complement each other perfectly. He’s in the Coast Guard so we get around. He loves guns. He loves zombies. He isn’t afraid and doesn’t care what you think. Read how we met here.


Paislee – She is our 2 lb. teacup poodle. Her nickname is SweetPea. She is a freak dog, and there is no way to explain how weird she is. When we got her she was black, now she is gray on top and her cheek-fur is brown. She loves to lick and have her chest scratched. She runs on 3 legs even though there is nothing wrong with her.




Kori – She is my twin sister. She is my other half and I don’t know any other way of life besides her. Her sons – Ethan and Bentley, I love them. Her significant other is also named Nick. We love Nicks. She takes great photos. We love to feed french fries to birds.


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